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Future working EMF countermeasures to elucidate in this blog 03 14 2013

Future working EMF countermeasures to elucidate in this blog 03 14 2013

1. The back of the neck patch with a thin piece of copper foil sandwiched in it. 

2. Back Pain Management and an article about how the French Army defeated demonic possession via the tailbone with a Silver Quarter.

3. Ear magnets that block synthetically induced auditory hallucinations.

4. EMF shielding underwear to block Vampyr Reanimation by EMF directed at sexual organs.

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How and why to make an Aluminum Hat 03 03 2013

How and why to make an Aluminum Hat 03 03 2013

How to:

Go to the hardware store and buy a large roll of thin aluminum furnace duct tape. First, apply a piece long enough to fit over the front of your baseball caps bill from side to side and trim off the excess. Then a second piece back from it with a 1/4" overlap to the first piece. Then two small pieces for each of the back corners of the bill. Next apply pieces from the rime to the peak all the way around the hat. Rub it all onto the hat very tight.

Now you don't want everybody to think that you are a nut and have you involuntarily committed so you have to make it look like it isn't an aluminum hat. The way to do this is apply a thin layer of mastic over the aluminum tape. Then use tan colored fabric type spray paint to paint the first layer. Next mix a little brown and green acrylic paint and paint a camouflage design over the base layer or tan painted mastic over aluminum furnace and duct work tape.

Items needed:

1. One roll of Aluminum furnace and ductwork tape.

2. One jar of Mastic sealing adhesive.

3. One can of tan Fabric spray paint.

4. Brown and green acrylic paint ( I mix my own colors from three gallons of Arm and Hammer acrylic paint that I bought a long time ago, in base colors of red, yellow and blue. I also have white and black.


Today as I walked out the back door of my house I was wearing my Camouflage aluminum hat. Just outside the back door I saw that there were icicles that had fallen off of the eve trough very close to where I stood. I realized very quickly that my aluminum clad hat would provide me some protection from an icicle. At least enough so that once it hit me in the head it could be deflected as I dodged the full weight of it.

The other day I was watching television and there was an expert on breast cancer. There are many causes of breast cancer. What the news anchorwoman wanted to know was if electromagnetic frequencies that abound our airwaves could cause it. I already knew the answer was yes. One in three women in the Untied States will develop breast cancer and there were many causes that were indeed mentioned from drinking alcohol, to trace amounts of chemicals in our water and air, to the foods we eat, etc, etc. But more to the point there is a technology that can emit EMF waves and transfer one persons illness to another; it was invented by William Reich of the Nazi Eugenics era, that originated in the United States, that is right the United States. EMF radiation is indeed the source of transmission of disease from one person to another using the Reich technology. It was seized by the FBI. The same FBI that threatened to kill Martin Luther King?

What did our Lord Jesus Christ, a real Jew, tell us to do? He said that we must protect our crowns. The Jews where Yarmulke's. I was heard a Catholic Priest with the last name of (Walsh?) tell of how the Irish can sense the descending Holy Spirit in the back of their heads. He did not say crown but it is indeed the same thing. Jesus Christ himself, a living God, was plagued by demons that he could not exorcise from himself before his death.

The Aluminum creates a Faraday cage around the hat and your are semi protected from EMF waves. You will notice that you are better able to concentrate when you are working on projects because there is substantially less EMF interference with the electrical impulses of your thought processes.

With more soldier's killing themselves in the Middle East than being killed by enemy fire no soldier should go into combat without anti-emf helmets. They would be better off with this baseball cap than with a standard military helmet.

This also makes a baseball cap very warm for winter time as well as waterproof. You won't be able to wash it so the best you will be able to do to clean it to keep it from itching is to lightly spray it with Krud Kutter and let it dry.

This hat has a little texture to it and is therefore a much better cap for hunting because it mocks the texture of leaves.

I have listed at least three very good reasons for you to make one.

1. Blocks EMF

2. Waterproof

3. Better camouflage

4. Has some protection from falling objects.

Anyone who goes to bed at night and wakes up early in the morning with lower back pain and cannot walk also needs to invest in anti Emf boxer shorts. They can greatly alleviate the instance and pain of a bulging disc in the back. The disks in your back rehydrate during the nighttime. That is why most back injuries occur in the early morning when people have to get out of bed to lift something heavy. The discs are re hydrated and therefore prone to bulging out. They rehydrate as part of a sleep revitalization process. And indeed there are technologies that are called directed energy weapons that can be used to dehydrate that disk in your back form a remote location. Just like one turns on a radio or cell phone and you do not see the connection it makes. Why is this done? Because once the Satanic have used psycho energetic energy to steal your eyes and skills they know longer want to have to follow that eyesight of yours around all day, they want you to be done with life. You were like the baby camel they raised to take them across the dessert and drop dead 50 feet from the end of it.

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